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Xiaomeng Wang

Interaction Design · Transmedia Design   
· Visual Art · Creative Technology

INFO: Welcome

Xiaomeng Wang is a transmedia designer with a background in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is passionate about intervening in the relationship between human-nature, human-surroundings, and human-constructed systems, using a multidisciplinary lens.

Through design-driven innovation and artistic expression, she is dedicated to delivering a series of provocative questions to shatter the public's ingrained perceptions on intricate social topics involved in media ecology, the ethics of algorithms, eco-ethics, marginalized groups, and feminist implications.

During her dialogues with audiences, she has deft skills at employing the emerging techniques including 3D modeling, motion graphic, transmedia installation, film, visual art. This allows her to prototype more speculative scenarios to help people resonate with her perspectives, enabling them to envision a new and more nuanced relationship between human and non-human that is being reconstructed.


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