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Xiaomeng Wang

Interaction Design · Transmedia Design   
· Visual Art · Creative Technology

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Who’s  Xiaomeng Wang?

If my design works can be expressed figuratively or be endowed with a symbolic meaning, I expect them to resemble a drop of special pigment falling into a pool of still water. Unlike the nature of water, they are inherently born with a unique texture, color, density, and even scent. Once the drop falls, the color gradually smudges out from the center to the surroundings. Notably, it is only likely to be diluted rather than assimilated or disappear into nothingness around it. They may seem alienated from the environment or even appear to you in a pleasurable or offensive format. Nevertheless, there is no denying that it has caught your attention and is attempting to exert its influence on its surroundings in a manner that slowly permeates.

Throughout my previous experience as a journalist, I've been training myself to keep a keen insight into critical issues. Screen them, integrate them and disseminate them to the outside world through paper-based and screen-based. Whereas in the age of Web 3.0, as we are immersed in trillions of data, it's worth to ask: Are people still able to distinguish information that is truly valuable to them? Are they long fed up with the traditional way of receiving information? What if my drop of pigment can't spread to a broader area, much less get someone's attention? Time to iterate on the pigment  from "transmission" to “creation.”

I enjoy creating visual communication by combining artistic, technical, and even literary elements that I expect to form an engage-able and digital way to have interactions with the outside. Concretely, they are generally made with the " pigments" of graphic design, typography, installation, creative coding, and VR technology.

From analyzing the current situations, I aim to remind people to rethink the neglected social issues, such as marginal culture,  undetectable psychological phenomenons, and the relationship between human behavior and the social environment. As I mentioned before, I am not content to present these issues but presume to devise warm and accessible designs to invite the outside to spend a few minutes considering those severe topics.

When they take a closer look at those designs, they would realize more details about the texture, color, and density of the pigments I used. Each piece of details attempts to tell them the critical information they may have missed, such as what kind of cyberspace they are in or how to reach a future free of gender-dominated controversy in STS (Science and Technology Studies).


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