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Xiaomeng Wang

Interaction Design · Transmedia Design   
· Visual Art · Creative Technology

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If my works can be endowed with a symbolic meaning, I expect them to be a drop of special pigment breaking the silence of the still water and smudging out from the center to the surroundings. They are usually delivered with a warm and provocative tone to the outside. They catch your attention and gently permeate the influence in your recognition of the subject of "relationship."  

As a designer, I am passionate about intervening in the relationship between humans - humans or humans - nonhumans and trying to build a new intimacy for them through emerging technologies. During the ongoing intervening journey, there's a shared question I've been inquiring: What role am I playing? A relationship facilitator? An unexpected noise that subverts people's intrinsic perceptions? A new variable interfering with / benefiting them? Significantly, how should I compound my " pigment" to provoke people's default understanding when we talk about some intricate topics such as fragile ecologies, cutting-edge but threatening technologies, or even injustices resulting from structural privileges embedded in social norms and cultural identities and used to discipline marginalized groups? What relationships are involved that are worthy of attention? What is unseen, and what is opacity?


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