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Xiaomeng Wang

Interaction Design · New Media Art · Visual Design · Creative Technology



Currently pursuing an MFA of Media Design Practices (MDP) program at Artcenter College of Design. Based on my obtainment of BA Journalism from Iowa State University and working experience at Art News of China, I have gained an overarching view of communication through new media, alongside technical skills of disseminating information to the outside world in the form of text and images.

Compared with one-way-transmission-based Journalism, new media art is genuinely intriguing to me, mainly due to its duration as dimension and interaction with viewers over time. Therefore, I am eager to pursue new heights in two-way communication, research diversity, and experiment with new media art. 
I want to combine art, technology, or even literary elements into an innovative form of practice to predict the future society's needs and future challenges. From analyzing our current state, I'm also willing to remind people to rethink the neglected social issues, like the marginal culture, people at the bottom, and the relationship between human behaviors and the social environment. Moreover, I'm
unsatisfied to recognize those issues but to design some valuable solutions to fix them to bring a ray of warmth, hope, and happiness to our modern society. 


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