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LUNG #16800


Project Instructors: Tim Durfee & Mashinka Hakopian

Xiaomeng_Lung#16800 2.png

In the scenario of urban life, plants usually exist around us in the capacity to green the living environment and improve air quality. When this invisible "contribution" becomes a habitual perception in our subconscious, we take the benefits from plants as granted. As insatiable demands gradually shatter our dreams of a "habitable planet," we ought to reconsider the relationship between humans and plants to explore a new coexistence model.

The daily oxygen demand of humans can be satisfied by the oxygen supply of 16,800 leaves, which you can visualize this as a mature oak tree allowing you to inhale fresh oxygen. Lung #16800 is a post-human urban communal installation, a giant artificial oxygen chrysalis.

As you poke your head into this microscopic ecosystem, you might realize that plants are not merely urban ornaments, but rather oxygen generator human relies on. By reading this hymn, humankind's arrogance of believing themselves as the "masters of the planet" begins to be shaken.